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John's House - Lunch Menu (Sample)


   Crispy Blood Pudding, Passion Fruit, Shimeji Mushrooms and Curry Spices
                       Lightly Smoked Loch Duart Salmon, Avocado, Ponzu, Cashew and Coriander


   Stonehurst Gloucester Old Spot, Parsnips, Hen of the Woods, Spinach and Wild Garlic
              Roast Fillet of Cornish Pollock, Barley Risotto, Mussels, Lemon and Shelfish Bisque


Cheese Selection
A Selection of Cheeses to be taken as an Additional Course
Three Cheeses £8.00 Six Cheeses £14.00


Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb, Chamomile Cream, Honeycomb and Sweet Cheese Ice Cream
Dark Chocolate, Coffee Cream, Coconut and Avocado Sorbet


Two Courses £26.00
Three Courses £30.00

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